IoT-based Context-aware Solutions


Though companies’ investment in R&D has increased a great deal in order to survive amid fierce global competition, the results are nevertheless decreasing. Now more than ever companies need to invest in and establish a reasonable and wise R&D policy by predicting markets and technologies and analyzing data, not developing technologies based on experience and intuition. Experience for yourself Saltlux’s new technology analyses, technology sensing, and predicting solutions verified by global companies and public institutions.

  • Customer Problems

Difficulties in securing and commercializing context awareness technologies, intelligence, monitoring, and real-time processing of data coming from IoT sensors and smart devices.

  • Introduction Effects

Realizing innovative services and providing differentiated services through personalization services based on context awareness, detection of abnormalities, and monitoring of real-time streaming data.

  • Main Functions

Ontology and rule modeling of sensors and situation information; Collection and storage of sensor data, Indexing and pattern detection; Prediction based on machine learning; Semantic hybrid situation reasoning; and others.

  • Built-in Products


  • Major Customers

KT, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, EU Commission, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, and others.