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Sustainably growing with technology

Saltlux Technology is committed to pioneering the development of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, serving the long-term prosperity of customers.

Leading Technologies

Drawing upon over 20 years of research experience in AI and Big Data from Saltlux Inc., Saltlux Technology offers top-notch software products and services that leverage cutting-edge technology. Our unwavering commitment to remaining at the forefront of research and development enables us to optimize our resources, adapt to changing landscapes, and provide exceptional customer experiences.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)​

Saltlux Technology's AI research focuses on four areas: linguistic intelligence, voice intelligence, learning/reasoning intelligence, and visual intelligence.​

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Big Data

Our Big Data technology is not only capable of analyzing structured and unstructured data, but also supports expert-level problem solving, data-driven decision making, knowledge accumulating, and economic value creating.​

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Our Graph DB automatically converts correlations between data into a knowledge graph structure, then saves and uses such knowledge graph structures to analyze, use and manage various big data.


Saltlux Technology provides our clients with top-notch solutions.

Dialogue engine AI Assistant

Integrate Machine Learning-based language recognition technology and Deep Learning-based language/intent/knowledge learning technology.

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Advanced information processing and querying engine Deep Signal

Help users to search, aggregate and in-depth analyze query data, thereby visualizing the connections of the learned data, providing useful and intelligent statistics for users.​

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Data collection engine Tornado

Data collection engine (Tornado) can automatically collect big data generated in various channels such as deep web, SNS, shopping websites, IoT, and streaming data according to user preferences.

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Social network data collection engine Social Listening

Collect, synthesize and analyze published data on social media channels, websites, forums, newspapers, electronic news,....

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Provide advanced technology solutions for all business operations​


Allowing customers to experience our advanced products at a reasonable cost.​

Data collecting service

Collect and mine data from different channels, including social media channels, websites, forums in many languages according to customers' requests.

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Voice of Customer analysis service (VOC)

Collect and synthesize the voice of customers from a variety of channels, from advisory notes at call center to email, social media, and various portals.

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Language services

Provide professional language services, including translation, localization, proofreading, transcription, desktop publishing, etc., for more than 50 different languages. Our translators are professional linguists located around the globe.

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Our team of experts​

Our team with experience in implementing governmental and large enterprises' projects over the years is willing to help your business grow.

Ready to support​

We are always ready to support customers. Contact us now to receive detailed advice on our solutions.​

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Digital Experience

Our NumberS

More than 20 years since establishment, Saltlux has been continuously researching and developing in-depth, creating new and sustainable value for the ICT field and our customers.


Success Stories

Saltlux Technology is proud of its outstanding achievements over the years, accompanying customers around the globe.

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Projects applying Artificial Intelligence technology

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Projects applying Big Data technology

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Projects applying Graph DB technology

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