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Data collecting service

Real-time parallel and automated big data collecting service

Saltlux technology

data collecting service

The beginning of Big data processing can be described as the generation or collection of data. In a traditional database (DB) environment, the data is generated in an application and DB’s front end, instead of being imported from outside and from processing initiates. Meanwhile, in big data, the data is brought in from outside and from the processing initiates, instead of being generated internally.

Data Collecting Service by Saltlux uses our advanced data collecting engine Tornado, which enables customers to collect big data across multiple platforms without the need to purchase a full-blown solution.

Saltlux Technology - data collecting service

What our data collecting service can do


Perform a real-time automatic parallel big data collecting according to users’ preferences.



Applying big data technology and AI technologies in image recognition, video recognition, natural language processing, to accurately and automatically collect the wanted data.


Extract, convert and store big data automatically from hidden web pages, in parallel with web crawling.


The ability to collect big data

Create, manage, and collect custom-built large datasets (text, speech, images, video) from over 100 countries globally based on custom rules.

Methods and processes

Use both active and passive approaches to data collecting. Easier data collecting through distribution, management, and collection directly from the app and web interface.

Data personalized according to customer's requirement

We design the optimal solution for each customer's order. We ensure that the collected data is in accordance with customer's requirements.

100% information security

All collected data will be kept confidential and non-disclosure. We ensure that the data formats are controlled and preserved according to the policy.


Collect data from multiple platforms, from deep web, social networks, IoT, Meta Search, streaming data and even Open API.


Data processing

Perform data loss and duplication prevention, data compression, data structuring, encryption of stored data, flawless validation, and user convenience. Packing and storing the data in suitable file format according to the customer's requirements.

Why use our data collecting service

Our Data Collecting service helps businesses improve efficiency at a reasonable cost without having to own a comprehensive solution.

Saltlux Technology

Improve efficiency

Helping businesses improve their brand management and feedback respond to VIP customers, as well as contributing to new product development.


By in-depth analysis of customer reviews and feedback, businesses can detect abnormalities early and provide a real-time feedback system.

Decision making

Providing a premise for businesses to analyze and evaluate customers' reactions and consumption trends, thereby making timely decisions and strategies.

Reasonable cost

Instead of having to hire an entire staff to access and collect data from countless websites or buy expensive collection software, our customers can achieve their business goals at a more reasonable cost with the data collecting service.

Advanced technology

We use a data collecting engine that applies Big Data technology and AI technology that allow deep scanning across multiple platforms, including deepweb and social networks, to collect data automatically.

We provide comprehensive service from A-Z

Our IT support will carry out the entire collection process and make sure to bring customers the right data set in the correct format and rules. Customers do not have to use the engine themselves or learn about complex techniques and technologies.

Multi-platform data collecting

Saltlux Technology's Data Collecting Service is capable of cross-platform data collecting based on RSS, deepweb, meta search, social networks and Open API. We help businesses collect the big data they want and store it in the right file format.

Social network data collecting

Allows you to collect multiple types of social data, such as Twitter, public Facebook pages, and Weibo timelines, and set the collection cycle target. It also has a status history view function to verify the status.

Scenario-based data collecting

Based on user scenarios from various sites such as news, blogs, shopping malls, and general homepages, data about the collection target is extracted and collected. It provides a scheduling feature to set collection cycles and a status history feature to view collection status within the workbench.

RSS data collecting

Our engine will read RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed and extract the data within the collection target feed and original data. It includes a scheduling function that could set the collection cycle and collection status history features in which users can check the collection status even in the workbench.

Deepweb data collecting

Easily collect the information within websites by collecting site-wide information based on URL or filtering with URL patterns or keywords. It also provides the scheduling feature to set the collection cycle and the status history view feature to check the collection status.

Metasearch data collecting

Our engine has a keyword-based collection feature that sends user keywords to various search engines, including Google, Bing, Daum, Naver, and Yahoo, to consolidate search results into a single list. It also provides a scheduling feature to efficiently collect and set the collection cycle for the collection target and a status history view feature to check the status..

Open API-based data collecting

Collect various documents and open data, including domestic public data, overseas public data, and local government public data, while also setting the collection cycle target. It also provides a collection status history view function to verify the status.

— Data Type

We collect a variety of data in various formats by using AI recognition technology to collect big data accurately and in accordance with user goals

— Document

Big data collecting of structured and unstructured text, including documents, receipts, etc.​

— Picture

Apply AI image recognition technology to collect the right set of data, such as face image data, gesture image data.​

— Video

Collect actionable training video datasets like CCTV footage, traffic videos, surveillance videos, etc. We provide collection and annotation services for many different types of data.​

— Voice

Apply multi-language audio recognition technology, speech-to-text conversion technology or any machine learning model to collect voices by age, gender, appropriate location.


Start by researching and analyzing the current situation to understand and design the strategy, and set the appropriate goals and objectives.

Plan the data collecting process based on the requirements of the project, find and identify the source of mining data that corresponds to the project objective.

Perform data collection by implementing the Tornado data collection engine. 

Collect and select data that match the project goal. 

Update the project progress regularly for customers.

We verify the reliability and accuracy of the data after careful screening. Data authentication allows businesses to safely use data publicly without worrying about theft or legal litigation.

After completing the collection and validation, store and pack the collected data in the desired file format according to the customer's request, and transfer all the data to the client for verification. Customers can now store and use them for the desired purpose.

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