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About Saltlux Technology

Devoted to the development and free exchange of knowledge around the world

Saltlux Incorporation

Saltlux Inc. Joint Stock Company, formerly known as Sysmeta JSC, was established in 2000 as a start-up in the field of machine learning and natural language processing. Since its establishment, the company has been a leading original technology enterprise in Korea's 4th Industrial Revolution, dedicated to the development of AI and big data technologies.

Saltlux Joint Stock Company established branches in Vietnam, Japan and the US, gradually developing to become Saltlux Inc. We focus on developing and pioneering future source technology capable of cooperation/interaction between not only human but human to machine, machine to machine, focusing on the mission statement of company: “We Communicate Knowledge for People”.

The differentiation of Saltlux's AI technologies can be described as 'high-precision ensemble AI'. This is implemented through the convergence of various machine learning/deep learning and AI technologies, such as knowledge graph and logical reasoning. It is also supported by big data and data science technologies, such as big data collection, analysis, and learning. This technology business plan shows the difference in Saltlux's AI and big data technologies accumulated over a long period of time, thereby indicating its commercial competitiveness, specific business plan, and prospect.

-Company History


Established Sysmatec JSC specializing in natural language processing and machine learning


Sysmatec Joint Stock Company and International Mobico merged, renamed as Mobico Sysmatec Joint Stock Company


Change company name from Mobico Sysmatec CP to Saltlux JSC, move headquarters


Established Saltlux branch in Japan


Opening Saltlux branch in Hanoi, Vietnam - Vietnam Development Center (VDC)


Established Saltlux Technology Vietnam Co., Ltd




United States


saltlux technology

Saltlux Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary in Vietnam of Saltlux Inc.

In 2009, Saltlux Inc. established a representative office in Vietnam under the name Vietnam Development Center (VDC). By 2019, VDC was recognized as a separate legal entity, officially established as the subsidiary Saltlux Technology of Saltlux Inc. Since its establishment, Saltlux Technology has been a pioneer in the fields of AI and Big Data technologies, contributing to the success of many global corporate and government projects. We provide advanced solutions and services applying AI and Big Data technology. Our prominent solutions include AI Chatbot, Social Listening, data collection, customer voice analysis (VOC), and Deep Signal advanced query and data processing.

With its high capabilities in the field of AI and Big data, SLT is enjoying a great opportunity from the rapid growth in South Korea – Vietnam’s economic activities as well as Vietnam’s development strategies in the fourth industrial revolution. Leveraging the Vietnam market with more than 100 million people and the Southeast Asian market with more than 600 million people, SLT will partner with Saltlux Inc. to lead the emerging 4th industrial revolution market of AI and Big Data. With the aim of proactive research and development and high adaptability, we are committed to wholeheartedly dedicating, optimizing resources, and effectively working to serve the happiness and prosperity of all individuals and groups regardless of boundaries.


“Promoting knowledge technology, sustainably growing with people”


We expresses comprehensively and implicatively our company vision, ‘We communicate Knowledge for People’


We go with the vision of becoming the “Top 10 AI and Big Data solution providers in the Vietnam market” by 2025.

Leaders of Saltlux Technology

công ty saltlux technology company

Nguyen Tuan Quang (Nicolas)

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
công ty saltlux technology company

Tran Trung Kien (Smith)

Deputy General Director
công ty saltlux technology company

Nghiem Thu Ha

HRGA Director
công ty saltlux technology company

Nguyen Trong Duc (Roger)

R&D Director
công ty saltlux technology company

Ha Van Thien (Richard)

Director of Artificial Intelligence Dept
Tran Hai Tan Saltlux Technology Big Data Dept Manager

Tran Hai Tan

Director of Big Data Dept
công ty saltlux technology company

Nguyen Thi Kim Thuy

Quality Assurance Director
công ty saltlux technology company

Nguyen Thi Thu Huong (Grace)

Director of Localization Dept

Our nearly 8,000 committed staff members are ready to help.

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Success Stories

Saltlux Technology is proud of its outstanding achievements over the years, accompanying customers around the globe.

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