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general transaction term

1. Return Policy 

After the customer has accepted the Terms of Use, confirmed the purchase of the service package, and completed the payment procedure, we are not responsible for refunding the value of the service package in any case.  

2. Warranty Policy 

If there is an error related to Saltlux Technology’s services and products, please do not hesitate to contact us for any assistance at any time. 

3. Obligations of Sellers and Buyers  

a. Saltlux Technology Responsibilities:  

  • Provide accurate and detailed information about products and services of Saltlux Technology in agreement/contract.
  • Ensure accuracy and integrity of Saltlux Technology product and service information provided on website. 
  • Comply with tax laws and regulations of Vietnam.
  • Response to users’ queries and concerns. 

b. Clients Responsibilities: 

  • Comply to service-related regulations and procedures as stated in the agreement/contracts.
  • Complete payment for Saltlux Technology based on bills and receipts (if available). 
  • Support and provide detailed transaction information as requested by Saltlux Technology. 
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