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Social Listening

Solutions for in-depth knowledge collection and analysis on social networks
Listen to what people are saying about your brand!


Provide integrated knowledge within an organization

Generate integrated knowledge from partial knowledge by department and user.

Provide various knowledge flow information within an organization to communicate between knowledge groups

Information about unspecific groups or certain subjects within networks can promote communication between users or groups.

Minimize work gaps through information analysis between a knowledge holder and a knowledge provider within an organization

Analyses of generating and providing knowledge of users/groups can contribute to the smooth coordination of work between users/groups.

Promote mutual information sharing to improve the overall business capability

Users can easily discover and access information related to work or organization to improve business capability.

saltlux technology

Social listening solution

social listening - lắng nghe mạng xã hội - saltlux technology
Saltlux Technology - social listening - lắng nghe mạng xã hội
The growth of the internet environment and the proliferation of social media has increased the influence of the general citizen on politics, society, the economy, and even businesses and products. In addition, complex interpersonal connections on social media greatly influence decision-making, including purchasing activities.

Saltlux extracts and analyzes opinions and social network relationships through a solution that can collect and analyze opinions, review, and share – Social Listening. We also establish eDiscovery systems, intelligent security analyses, knowledge activity profiling, marketing strategies, experts’ recommendation, and search functions to solve problems by analyzing in-depth knowledge and the mutual influence on networks.

Saltlux Technology’s Social Listening solution not only collects reviews, shares, and featured topics on social networks, but also performs in-depth analysis using a variety of analytical methods, which includes graph theory and social-relational analysis.

Social Listening has the potential to discover new knowledge values through the analysis and distribution of knowledge flows, or use them in running the company. Thereby building a knowledge network, providing the basis for integrating distributed knowledge in the organization, analyzing knowledge distribution channels, knowledge flows, and user types.

Saltlux Technology - Social Listening

How it was formed


With the diversification and complication of communication channels and cooperative structures, it is difficult to analyze the influence and marketing targets on social media with experts and understand the organization's cooperative external and internal structures.

In addition, it is difficult to understand people's opinions and potential problems, which is composed of unstructured text, just by reading social posts and documents within and beyond an organization. Moreover, the expenses to analyze them are often very high.


Social Listening solutions increase social marketing effectiveness and cost effectiveness, solve problems through expert recommendations, effectively manage knowledge through audience profiling, security system implementation, knowledge network analysis, language analysis, sentiment analysis, and related topic analysis from large-scale real-time text, understanding complaints, public perception of products, company policies, and allow for advance feedback.


Knowledge networks are based on a social relationship network and a network of various subjects' information within an organization. Knowledge network analyses provide not only information about knowledge experts and knowledge brokers, but also the analysis results of user types, knowledge flow paths, and knowledge distribution channels. The data sources for knowledge analyses within an organization and analysis methods are as follows.

Saltlux Technology - Social Listening


Opinion Mining

Collect audience opinions, reviews, and shares on multiple social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. At the same time, build a knowledge network from the collected data.

Knowledge Flow Network Analysis

Frequency of sending and receiving certain information.

Appearance frequency of search keywords by each user in each period.

Appearance frequency of search keywords in each period.

Analyses of knowledge holders and providers

Analyze people who not only provide knowledge but also obtain large amounts of knowledge from others.

Analyses of potential communities

- Analyze groups and communities on social networks that are formed from shared interests, fields, interests, and topics.
- Discover potential groups through knowledge flow network analysis.
- Allows analysis, identification, and definition of the group that makes up the network of activities.

Search for experts

Find the shortest path to reach experts through surrounding connected networks.

Search for documents held by experts or brokers connected to the user.

Ask brokers or experts for information.

Relationship analysis

Analyze and visualize the relationship between subjects on social networking platforms.


Saltlux Technology

Real-time network analysis through a social network analysis algorithm

- Analyses of Centrality
- Cluster Analyses
- Analyses of the Shortest Path

SSP (Service Strategy Planning)

- Automatically establish semantic data-based networks
- Search for subjects through content indexing
- Automatically generate networks for searched subjects

Expand subject networks through subject relevancy analysis

- Extract related subjects
- Integrate configuration of networks of related subjects
- Figure statistics about related subjects

HTML5-based Visualization

- Provide basic visualization
- Easy to expand and change a phase
- Provide a standard data interface
- Interwork with other visualization controls

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