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On the afternoon of March 19, 2024, an MOU signing ceremony between Saltlux Technology and Golden Planet was held at the headquarters of Saltlux Technology. This event signifies a significant milestone in the collaborative development partnership between the two companies, as well as between South Korea and Vietnam at large.

Golden Planet, a South Korean-based company, specializes in providing AI solutions on machine learning platforms, data analysis, consulting services, training, software provision, and infrastructure to support the process of digital transformation, encompassing data analysis to marketing implementation.

With over 20 years of experience in researching and developing Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, Saltlux has been offering AI software solutions, big data services, and language services to governments, organizations, and businesses, facilitating global communication and knowledge exchange.

Saltlux Technology and Golden Planet

The leaders of both parties signed MOU, shaking hands, establishing a mutual relationship with the aim of expanding business operations and enhancing competitive positioning in the Vietnamese market in the fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data.

Within the framework of the signing ceremony, the leaders of both parties engaged in open discussions regarding the opportunities for market expansion, leveraging mutual technology, resources, and strengths. They also delineated various orientations, plans, and strategies for implementation.

Saltlux Technology and Golden Planet

Golden Planet’s delegation and Saltlux Technology’s representatives

The leaders of Golden Planet believe that Vietnam is a rapidly developing Southeast Asian country in terms of both economy and technology, with numerous successful Korean businesses operating in the country. Golden Planet hopes that through close and amicable collaboration, leveraging the successful working experience with the government and major enterprises of Saltlux Technology, both parties will achieve significant and fruitful outcomes in the Vietnamese market.

Representing Saltlux Technology, CEO Nguyen Tuan Quang also expressed deep gratitude as Golden Planet trusted Vietnam as a destination to expand their market and chose Saltlux Technology as a business partner. He remarked, “South Korea and Vietnam are two countries with a history of friendly relations spanning over 30 years. The governments of both countries have developed numerous support packages and policies, creating favorable conditions for South Korean enterprises to enter the Vietnamese market. With our experienced team who has worked for over 18 years with our parent company in South Korea, as well as a wide range of partners and clients in Vietnam, South Korea, and worldwide, we are confident that with the smooth and harmonious coordination of Golden Planet, both parties will create many successes and mutual benefits.”

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