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Cloud-based intelligent service and a paradigm shift in the data industry

While the initial purpose of cloud computing is efficient IT management, that purpose is evolving into big data analysis and the development of artificial intelligence as the 4th Industrial Revolution proceeds. Big data acts as a catalyst for the development of all industries and the creation of new values, and such a paradigm shift has led from the era of IT (Information Technology) to the era of DT (Data Technology), The artificial intelligence that has been developed since the beginning of relevant studies in the 1950s faced stagnation for some time due to its technical limitations, but with the advent of of cloud computing that enables high speed parallel processing, the time required for large volume deep learning operations has been reduced significantly so that the artificial intelligence is also being applied actively to intelligent services.

However, it is not realistic for each individual companies to prepare massive computing resources for collecting, storing and analyzing big data and have a super computer for developing the artificial intelligence in the era of DT. Small and medium enterprises or start-up companies with insufficient financial strength particularly needed a method of accessing and utilizing massive computing resources for the implementation of the 4th Industrial Revolution, and they were able to do so through the cloud. For such reasons, the role of the cloud service is becoming more important as the 4th Industrial Revolution proceeds.

Insight into the innovation of product services in line with the changing market

Cloud is an essential tool which corresponds to the characteristics of big data analysis and intelligent services, and Saltlux is preemptively responding to such a market change. The AI Cloud Service and Data Science Cloud Service integrating AI and big data technologies have been released for some time in order to lead a paradigm shift in data economy in the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution, convert data into knowledge (smart data) and use such knowledge correctly.

The Data Science Cloud Service is the only domestic data science portal ( for AI and data scientists. This service can discover hidden patterns between data and predict future trends by aggregating and analyzing deep data, and visualizing such data from various viewpoints through cognitive analysis combining insight for data analysis and artificial intelligence.


Saltlux’s Cloud Service provides an AI service that can be applied in various industrial fields targeting user models, such as AI service developers, data scientists, data analysts and personnel who analyze abnormalities within financial transactions.


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Saltlux’s Cloud Service consists of two services. 1) The AI Cloud ( service is a cloud service that provides engines those are necessary for the development of AI services including linguistic intelligence, visual intelligence, sentiment intelligence and learning/reasoning intelligence as API form based on Saltlux’s over past 20 year experience in natural language processing, semantics, and reasoning technologies. 2) Data Science Cloud ( provides a machine learning work flow service and an intelligent big data cognitive analysis service which allows customers to learn and apply new models in the service using domain data sets possessed by the customer, while has the characteristics of open API that expose pre-trained normal domain models as a web service.

Main characteristics

  • Realization of AI technology-based intelligent service

ADAM Open AI Platform is a RESTful-based AI Open APIs service. A total of 60 types of APIs to process high performance intelligent data analysis, language/voice/vision, knowledge, and intelligence processing are provided through the ADAM Open AI Platform. ADAM’s service partners can implement innovative artificial intelligence services, such as virtual secretaries, AI consultants, intelligence robots, and others, by combining and using ADAM platform APIs.
These APIs embed Asia’s largest knowledge base, knowledge learning, and strong reasoning engines. Intelligence APIs’ Deep Q&A, as well as voice and image recognition services, provide core functions to implement systems resembling humans.

  • Provision of the first domestic AI technology-based Cloud Service

Saltlux’s Cloud Service provides an AI technology-based intelligent cognitive analysis service and data curation service that can be applied to various industrial fields targeting user models, such as AI service developers, data scientists, data analysts and personnel who analyze abnormalities within financial transactions.


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