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What is the difference between an AI chatbot and a regular chatbot?

Chatbot is a tool favored by businesses because of its ability to quickly consult and sell products, which can replace hundreds of consultants at the same time. In order to improve the quality of customer care services, AI chatbot was born. It’s being used in the sales process by an increasing number of companies. So, what distinguishes AI chatbots from previous generations of chatbots?

About Chatbot

Chatbot is a tool capable of supporting and interacting with customers via text or audio in real-time. Instead of waiting for the consultant to read the message, the chatbot can immediately provide an answer to the customer, cutting down on wait time and increasing customer satisfaction. Businesses, on the other hand, will not require human resources to support client enquiries. They can instead concentrate their personnels on more specialized tasks.

Common types of chatbots include: sales chatbots, customer care chatbots, consulting chatbots, etc. Most of today’s chatbots operate on pre-programmed data. This is the most common type. When a client asks a question, the program will provide appropriate options for the customer to choose from and provide an answer based on that choice, or it will provide a pre-written answer based on certain keywords in the customer’s inquiry.

About AI Chatbot

AI chatbot that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, and natural language processing (NLP) technologies to grasp the intent of the user’s question is known as an AI chatbot. It improves its intelligence by learning from real-life discussions. To communicate with the bot, users do not need to type in conventional inquiries or select from a list of choices offered by the chatbot, but can express their intentions in their own way. At the same time, AI chatbot can also speak in natural conversational language and act as if it were a real person. Users do not need to type in the precise keyword to get the desired response when using an AI chatbot.

The differences of AI chatbot and normal chatbot

How bots work

As is known, normal chatbots  respond to customer queries using pre-written scripts and rules (rule-based chatbot) or keyword settings with “If/then” rules. To put it another way, it is based on the keywords in the customer’s inquiry or the customer’s choice to send the corresponding answer to the user. Meanwhile, the AI chatbot uses AI and NLP to understand the user’s intent, then searches for information and compares it to the database to provide the appropriate response. Thereby, the AI chatbot speaks to customers in a natural manner, as if it were a real person.

How chatbots communicate

Regular chatbots will respond to messages according to a script. It usually presents a series of choices to the customer and based on that choice puts the customer in a certain flow and gives a pre-designed answer. In addition, if the customer does not answer the correct keyword requested by the chatbot, it will not be able to recognize the customer’s request and question.

Meanwhile, an AI chatbot using natural language processing (NLP) technology may grasp the user’s question’s intent without requiring the user to provide the correct keywords. Simultaneously, machine learning technology enables AI chatbots to “learn” on their own from previous encounters and discussions, continuously improving based on the data provided.

Bot users

Chatbots with simple features are often suitable for providing simple, basic information, giving 1:1 answers without interacting with customers, without tracking or leading customers to purchase.

In contrast, AI chatbot is suitable for businesses that use chatbots to support many customers at the same time. With a chatbot that has almost the same ability to communicate with humans, values ​​customer experience and interactions, it can track, set up and lead a more complex purchase. Therefore, businesses that value customer experience and increase revenue should equip a bot capable of consulting and answering customer questions.

Cost of bots

AI chatbot equipped but advanced technology including artificial intelligence and machine learning will often cost a lot more than a common chatbot. This is also the weakness of using chatbot AI. However, investing in an AI chatbot is vital because, unlike a traditional bot, which can only serve a small number of customers, provides stereotypical responses,, and requires the assistance of a care person, an AI chatbot can support a large number of consumers. When clients are unable to answer queries, an AI chatbot is far more effective, often totally replacing dozens or hundreds of consultants at once. As a result, purchasing a high-priced AI chatbot is still more effective than purchasing a large number of low-performing chatbots.

Furthermore, improving the quality of customer service on a continuous basis is an essential component of corporate growth. Good customer service and high levels of customer satisfaction will retain customers and increase sales. And chatbots are a popular technology solution that can improve the service quality of businesses. So, if your business already has a chatbot, evaluate the performance of the chatbot and make sure that the chatbot is working effectively, attracting a large number of clients rather than simply presenting information in a simple and ineffective manner.

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