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Summer Vacation 2022: The lasting memories of Saltlux Technology family

Full of laughter from the departure to the end of the trip, those are probably unforgettable emotions left in the memory of each member of the Saltlux family after the summer trip.

In the coming of the sunny summer, temporarily forgetting the heat of the city, forgetting about the work, the Saltlux family looks to the sunshine and the wind of beautiful Ha Long.

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Saltlux Technology - Summer Vacation 2022

Heart-warming lunch before going to Ha Long

After the exciting journey, small mini-games on the car, we finally reached the destination at Royal Lotus resort.

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This year’s summer trip is also associated with a very meaningful event – Saltlux Technology’s 3rd birthday. The past 3 years have been a long and arduous journey, but with the efforts and solidarity of the whole team, Saltlux Technology is growing stronger.

Saltlux Technology - Summer Vacation 2022
Saltlux Technology - Summer Vacation 2022

Talented leaders that steer the Saltlux boat through the storm

Saltlux Technology is not only a company with many talented employees but also a group of beautiful boys and girls. This rare opportunity cannot be missed, the company must organize a contest to find the most beautiful “queen”.

Saltlux Technology - Summer Vacation 2022

Each of them is beautiful, it’s so hard to choose

Some other valuable moments during team building

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Saltlux’s Talented Men’s Association

Saltlux Technology - Summer Vacation 2022
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Fun experience at Dragon Park

Saltlux Technology - Summer Vacation 2022

Enjoy together the first Ha Long’s yogurt

Although the journey lasted only 3 days and 2 nights, it was enough for us to realize that each member has a distinct color, together creating a brilliant picture for Saltlux Technology. After the trips, we have known each other better, become more and more connected to work together for a long time in the future. Laughter, sweat and happiness. With each emotion deposited, each unforgettable memory has been firmly woven to create a deep imprint in each person’s heart. At the end of the trip, hopefully the members will have more positive energy to complete the job well. Saltlux Technology is a Family and let’s always keep and nurture those wonderful emotional imprints!

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