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South Korean E-Government’s 1st Public Virtual Assistant – Goodpy, Developed By Saltlux, Has Gained 15 Million Users

GoodPy the Virtual Assistant Service for the Public, developed by Saltlux and Korea’s Ministry of the Interior and Safety, was first launched on March 29th, 2021. With the appearance of a robotic rabbit, this A.I. assistant is officially named GoodPy (the combination of “Good” and “Py” in 비서, which means secretary/assistant in Korean). GoodPy is integrated with popular messaging channels and applications, including Naver, Kakaotalk, Toss, K.B. Star Banking, K.B. Pay, etc.

Hơn 15 triệu người dân Hàn Quốc sử dụng Goodpy

Korean citizens can now communicate and ask GoodPy for information and public services instead of visiting the authority offices or browsing numerous public sites to obtain information or get served.

Goodpy được tích hợp trên điện thoại

  1. GoodPy is integrated with public databases so that it is designed to deliver real-time updated information as follows:
  • Health/Housing
  • Taxes
  • Resident Registration
  • Welfare Programs and Eligibility
  • Education
  • Car/Transportation
  • Vaccination Against COVID-19
  • COVID-19 Relief Funds


2. Also, the virtual assistant can provide several public services, such as:

  • Civil Service 
  • Electronic Customs Clearance
  • National Government Call Center 110
  • Personal Information Protection

The development and application of GoodPy is regarded as a significant breakthrough of Korea’s E-Government to evolve in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


The A.I. Assistant was built to tackle multiple objectives: to automate and simplify the meandering processes of obtaining public information; to minimize ramifications of digital services and sharing of data across associations; to encourage the citizens to utilize local services in the attempt to reduce the workload for the Central government yet ensure the information accuracy and consistency between places; actively facilitate high technology application inside government organizations.

Goody được tích hợp trên các ứng dụng

GoodPy is an excellent example of a people-centric public service; Thanks to digital technology, especially artificial intelligence, all citizens can easily access public services whenever and wherever they need.

One year after the official launch, GoodPy subscribers soared to 15 million, which means one out of every four citizens using GoodPy to acquire information or public services. Goodpy is a clear demonstration of the outstanding potential of artificial intelligence (AI) when it is successfully applied in public services, public non-profit units, coordinating Government activities or contributing to increasing business efficiency, customer relationship management, managing business operations, etc.

Because of those benefits, Saltlux Technology, Saltlux’s legal entity in Vietnam, will continue to invest in technology and human resources to bring AI virtual assistant technology further and further to Vietnam. Therefore, we can take full advantage of technology and reduce the number of staff in the Public Service Support Department, aiming to improve the quality of service to people and businesses.

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