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Hancom Frontis And Ploonet Cooperate To Develop Metaverse

Photo: CEO Jeong Hyun Suk of Hancom Frontis (left) and CEO Lee Kyung Il of Ploonet (right) at the MOU signing ceremony at Ploonet’s headquarter in Daechi-dong, Seoul on November 29.

Hancom Frontis – the developer of the Metaverse platform, has teamed up with Saltlux’s subsidiary specializing in artificial intelligence, Ploonet (AI) to promote the Metaverse service that integrates AI virtual human video production technology.

On November 29, at Ploonet’s headquarter in Daechi-dong, Seoul, the two companies held a signing ceremony between CEO Jeong Hyun-suk of Hancom Frontis and Ploonet’s CEO Lee Kyung-il. On the 30th, the two parties announced they had signed a cooperation agreement on the Metaverse project integrating AI virtual human technology.

The two companies will promote cooperation and technology exchange to integrate AI virtual human visual technology into the Metaverse platform through this cooperation. To achieve this goal, the two sides will start to build Metaverse infrastructure. In addition, the two companies are also committed to strengthening technology capacity through exchanges, cultivating techniques and resources, and cooperating in training talents in related fields.

In particular, Hancom Frontis will bring Ploonet’s virtual human service “Ploonet Studio” into the Metaverse platform called ‘a:rzMeta’ which is being prepared for launch.

‘a:rzMETA’ is an open Metaverse platform that anyone can join as a creator and can conduct various events such as virtual meetings, education and conferences as well as live broadcast. The production and distribution of Metaverse content will increasingly flourish in various areas such as commerce, gaming, the community sector and virtual YouTube.

Ploonet Studio, an open beta service recently launched by Ploonet, allows users to own a virtual employee and will officially start operating next January. Ploonet Studio enables users to create photo or video content with virtual people and share this content on social networks and the internet. Next year, by introducing the NFT system, it will not only lead the content production market in Web3, but will also pursue implementing ‘My Economy’ where users can earn actual profits through AI.

Ploonet’s spokesperson said: “We expect that Ploonet’s virtual human technology, which has just won the innovation award at CES 2023, combined with Metaverse technology of Hancom Frontis, will bring about great success.” and “We will, by all means, improve our competitiveness in the artificial intelligence industry.”

Hancom representative said, “Metaverse is an ideal space to extend virtual human activities to infinity.” “Through this MOU, we will make continuous efforts to invest and develop to make the most of Metaverse platform ‘a:rzMeta’ where it becomes a common space for virtual humans to coexist.”


Translated by Hy An

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