Opinion Mining


The maturity of mobile environments and the popularization of social media have increased the general citizen’s influence on politics, society, and economics, and have made individual and small group opinions exert decisive effects on national policy, companies, and products.
Saltlux has developed an engine to extract events, recognize named entities, analyze syntaxes, and analyze multilingual morphemes including Korean, English, Japanese, and others for the past 20 years.
By applying this engine, we provide clients with opinion mining solutions and high-quality high-precision sentiment analyses.
Saltlux’s NLP and Opinion Mining technologies provide the world’s best analysis quality based on Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

  • Customer Problems

It is difficult to understand people’s opinions and potential problems simply by reading twitter, postings, and vast documents within and beyond an organization consisting of informal texts. Expenses to analyze them cost more than is practical.

  • Introduction Effects

It performs related subjects analysis, sentiment analysis, and various languages analysis from large-scale and real-time text, understands complaints about corporate policies and products, and enables preemptive responses.

  • Main Functions

Issue analysis, analysis of reputation trends, sentiment analysis, extraction of events, named entity recognition, syntax analysis, morpheme analysis of multilingual texts including Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese

  • Built-in Products

LEA(Language Engineering and Analysis), OM Engine

  • Major Customers

Hyundai Motor Company, LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics, Korean Intellectual Property Office, Hanwha Group, Ministry of National Defense, National Information Society Agency, etc.