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Open data is established as an axis of the open IT ecology, including open sources and open platforms. For that reason, LOD has become an important paradigm. We have provided opening of public data, retrieval, technologies, and solutions to build LOD (Linked Open Data) platform for the past 10 years. Saltlux is contributing to the standardization, certification, and spread of open data in cooperation with ODI (Open Data Institute). Experience the five-star data services, the highest level of LOD, through Saltlux’s LOD solution!

Saltlux’s Linked Open Data LOD solution embeds large-scale storage, instance automatic converter, and rules engine to integrate and automatically convert data. It also comes with ontology modeling for open data and provides very strong data queries through RESTful type SPARQL EndPoint. Our LOD solution enables not only various visualization but also the realization of online analysis services using the connection with RAINBOW.

Main Features

AI Suite categorizes individual engines for major technologies in each AI field as shown in the table below, and provides the best performance features and services for each engine. In addition, it provides management functions such as dictionary and data establishment, and model training to provide optimal results through customization according to each application field.

Customer Problems

Effectively open public data and public use system, diffuse the industrial ecosystem, and establish an open data management system.

Introduction Effects

The solution automatically converts the existing data into RDF and opens SPARQL EndPoint through the open data portal. It supports sole proprietary business while promoting open data utilization by providing various application services.

Main Functions

Provide conversion, integration, and management systems for open data. It also comes with open data search, Ontology modeling, RDF publishing, Semantic web reasoning, and SPARQL query. In addition, Endpoint, Various Visualization, and Connection of dashboards and mobile are available.

Built-in Products


Main Customers

Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs, Korea Water Resources Corporation, Gyeonggi Provincial Office, Korea Intellectual Property Office, and Korea Geographic Information Institute


LOD Building LOD Service Systems

LOD (Linked Open Data) is the W3C standardized method of expressing, publishing, and searching for data to open and distribute them through the web. LOD provides expressing and publishing of RDF type data, search, and queries via REST protocols and SPARQL. The solution is aimed to become a web in which all data can be connected through URI. LOD’s characteristics are to connect, utilize all open data on the Internet, and establish an open knowledge base integrating different data. Saltlux’s LOD Solution assigns value to the opening of public institutes and local governments’ information.

Unlike other products that provide only natural language processing and dialogue model-oriented functions, AI Suite continuously manufactures products for which the following differentiated and competitive functional elements are under constant development.


Saltlux’s solution to build LOD is based on STORM Platform SOR and STRANSFORMER products proven by major Korean and overseas customers over the past 10 years. It enables batch automation to visualize and query through SPARQL EndPoint, converts source data into RDF, and configures ontology schema from various types of open data.


Saltlux utilizes hidden information as valuable knowledge properties by finding meaningful relationship information between fragmented data based on the LOD solution. This helps easily explore and utilize existing restricted data access methods and acts as a bridge for the development of LOD in Korea and open data industries.

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