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Saltlux Technology celebrates Vietnam women’s day

For years, women have made significant contributions to the development of the company. Therefore, on the occasion of October 20th, 2020, male colleagues at Saltlux Technology decided to throw a surprise party to cherish the women in their life and remember their enormous devotion in the workplace. 

Saltlux Technology

Days in advance of the event, an organizational plan was carefully discussed, and by the afternoon of October 19, the preparations were almost completed.

On the celebrating day,  Saltlux was decorated with sparkling lights and beautiful handmade stuff. Meanwhile,  nutritious breakfast and cute cards that send love and gratitude were placed in the working corner of each woman. The male colleagues also prepared some games to play and gifts for the ladies to pick. All created an exciting and joyful atmosphere in the office.

Saltlux Technology
The joyful atmosphere in the games

After the celebration ceremony, all of the Saltlux staff had lunch together at Hem restaurant. 

Saltlux Technology
All the company’s staff had lunch together
Saltlux Technology

Saltlux Technology’s beauties

The celebration ended in the joy of all Saltlux’s members.  As for Saltlux’s beauties, 20/11 is the time they feel to be loved, treasured and honored. For all the company’s men, this is a special occasion to express gratitude, best wishes and give lovely presents to the beauties. More meaningfully, this is also a precious time for the men to listen and deeper understand their colleagues.

This event also creates an opportunity for Saltlux’s members to develop a closer relationship, which can contribute to the company’s further development.

Authors: Minh Nguyet , Tran Huong

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