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Saltlux Technology Internship Program

Internship is an important part in the field of experiential education, in which both students and companies can get their own benefits. As for students, this is a valuable period of time to gain hands-on experience and be accustomed to office culture. In terms of businesses, internships are opportunities for them to attract young talents and promote the company’s image as well. In Saltlux Technology, providing internships is given priority in the company’s yearly agenda.

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From November of 2021 to January of 2021, seven interns graduating from technical universities and academies in Vietnam will take part in a three-month internship program at Saltlux. After the course, the participants are expected to not only accumulate valuable knowledge, practical experience but also get their foot in the door at the company. 

During the internship, the trainees will be accompanied by the team leaders, who are the experts in their fields. The mentors will directly join hands to establish timelines, give assistance and offer supervision for seven mentees. Meanwhile, all of the company staff will create the most favorable conditions for the interns to successfully finish the course.

In the first period of the course, all of the interns will group to research and make presentations on specialized topics given by their mentors: including Java core & Database, Java Web Front-End, Java Web Back-End Framework, Data Extraction, Account Care Project. At the end of a seminar, the mentors will make comments and suggestions so that their mentees can have a deeper understanding of the topics.

Saltlux Technology - Thực tập
Seminar Presentation

In the second period, the interns will have a chance to make theory practical as they will directly join in the company’s projects under the supervision of experienced mentors. The result of two-month practice will be the foremost criterion that decides who can enter the company as an official staff. 

Saltlux Technology - Thực tập
Interns join in the company’s projects

The three-month internship is not a long period of time but it is believed to bring practical experience that can help the interns in their future career path.

Author: Minh Nguyet, Tran Huong

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