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Employee health care – Saltlux Technology’s key to sustainable development

On October 5, 2020, in accordance with the regulations and guidelines of the Labour Code regarding the health and safety of workers,Saltlux Vietnam cooperated with Vietlife Clinic to organize periodic health check-ups for all of the company’s staff.

anh phong kham

Vietlife Clinic at 14 Tran Binh Trong

With a team of qualified experts, modern facilities and up-to-date equipment, Vietlife has always been Saltlux’s trusted health check-up center.

In particular, in order to best prepare for this year’s health examination, Saltlux  invited Dr. Nguyen Van Hung, Doctor at Bach Mai Hospital, Head of Vietlife Clinic to come and pass on some useful advice for each Saltlux’s employee.

anh tu van
Doctor Hung gives Saltlux’s employees  counsel on health care

Periodical health check-up included 2 phases:

– Phase 1: On 02/10/2020 – to test for subclinical diseases such as blood fat, disease kidney, liver, gout etc.

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The entire company staff take blood sample

– Phase 2: On 5/10/2020 – Employees gathered at Vietlife Clinic at 14 Tran Binh Trong to have general health check-ups, perform biochemical tests, ultrasound and also have the X-ray to be aware of their health status.

After the test results were available, all of the employees were also given a consultation on dietary and exercise regimens in order that they can well balance between personal life and company’s work.

For Saltlux, human resources are always the core value that makes success. Taking care of employees’ physical and mental health is always regarded as a top priority that fosters the company’s sustainable development. Annual periodic health examination, especially amid the Covid 19 epidemic, offers the availability of a solution to employees’ health status management so that managers can make reasonable adjustments in company’s policies ensuring benefits for both workers and businesses.

As for Saltlux’s employees, taking periodic health checks is not only their right but also their duty. The health examination results are the basis for a change in lifestyle to maintain a healthy-work balance and contribute to Saltlux’s further sustainable development. 

The examination’s great success comes from the close cooperation between Saltlux and Vietlife Clinic, and also the full participation of company’s employees.

Author: Minh Nguyệt, Trần Hương

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