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[200723] Saltlux Inc. Goes Public on KOSDAQ

Maeil Business Newspaper talked to Tony Lee, President and CEO of Saltlux Inc., about the KOSDAQ electronic stock exchange joining event on July 23rd.

(The following is the full text of the interview.)

Since 2000, Saltlux has worked and researched in the fields of artificial intelligence and big data for 20 years, hence becoming one of the leading original technology companies during the 4th Industrial Revolution in South Korea. The company has received numerous AI technology certificates, while simultaneously owns a huge scale of AI data which is considered the largest resource in Asia. Through the KOSDAQ electronic stock exchange joining event, Satlux seeks to boost growth and foster international business-oriented development.

MC: What is the company’s business plans?

Tony Lee: “In fact, Saltlux was able to maintain sustainable growth over the last decade. Notably, we managed growth rates of more than 23% in the past four years with our own financial resources. We are expanding vigorously and making ongoing efforts to integrate in the global market. The ultimate goal of joining KOSDAQ is to scale up our operation through global business and international markets. We would like to take this chance to express our deep gratitude to the clients who have always supported us so that we can constantly roll out competitive products and technologies during the last 20 years. Going forward especially in the post-pandemic period and after South Korea’s Digital New Deal policy was issued, we strongly believe that AI data-based cutting-edge technology services will play a crucial role in South Korea.”

MC: “Conversational Artificial Intelligence” is Saltlux’s main source technology. Can you give more insights into the technology?

Tony Lee: “It is a kind of AI that can communicate and respond in a way that mimics human conversations. Specifically, we have launched the new product called “AI Baby”. It can communicate with human and, at the same time, constantly accumulate new knowledge and information during a dialogue. We can easily see the applications of conversational AI in daily life products such as smart speakers, smart phones’ virtual assistants or call center services.”

Screenshot 54
“AI Baby” product
(출처: 한국경제TV)

He also said that: “In the beginning of this year at Consumer Electronics Show, we introduced a VR product base on AI. It was a simulation of President Donald Trump in “Digital human” platform. The product received positive feedback from the technological community.”

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A simulation of President Donald Trump in digital human platform
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Saltlux at CES 2020

This product can not only accumulate data but also analyze the specific situations in dialogues. In the past, the analysis was known as diachronic analysis which focuses on big data, especially on structured data. The application of analyzing machine learning technology – the core technology of artificial intelligence helps to improve the predictability and the accuracy of analysis, and it is now called augmented analytics. Saltlux is proud to be a pioneer in the field, President Lee commented.

MC: We also know about AI Call Center Service and Callbot. What are they?

Tony Lee: AI Call Center Service provides answers to customers by converting conversations between customers and consultants into text. It can instantly provide answers, detect issues and propose solutions. Another product is Callbot. It can communicate, troubleshoot, or forward issues to the person in charge by using voice recognition and speech synthesis. This is an innovative AI (Artificial Intelligence) service.

Screenshot 56
Call Center & Callbot

MC: Can you share with us more about Saltlux’s plans?

Tony Lee: Yes, we set up a plan to enter foreign markets. Starting this August, Saltlux will be an official partner of Japan in the AI Cloud service. We also provide Saltlux’s services to our legal representative in Vietnam. Intending to enter the foreign market, we invested in the production cost and expected to earn a return from the loyalty of our customers.

“Being at the forefront of the AI industry, Saltlux has helped to develop an AI market for domestic companies and government agencies and has reaped great benefits from it.” (An analysis by SK Securities Research Institute)


Since its inception, Saltlux has realized its mission statement of creating a world of free knowledge communication. Saltlux has accumulated the most advanced technologies in South Korea and will do its best to become an international company.

Authors: Ngân Trang, Minh Hạnh, Bình An

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