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AI recognition and technology paradigm change

AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies have been researched and developed for some time. When it was first studied in the 1950s, the primary goal was to establish knowledge and define machine logic (rules) similar to how humans perceive and think. Gradually, researchers turned to focus on configuring machines for more complex inferences and searches, creating the basis for the transition to the expert systems model in the 1980s.

In the 2000s, research was directed to machine learning as it took a lot of time and effort to build the knowledge and logic needed for the system. Thus, researchers tried to overcome the limitations by letting machines learn by themselves. Since then, there have been significant developments in machine learning and hardware. As a result, deep learning technology research has grown significantly since 2012. Nowadays, machines learning independently without human intervention have brought about excellent results in various fields.

This has led to changes in the artificial intelligence approach, where the development of deep learning technology was considered necessary.

At present, artificial intelligence technology has been applied to real life, leading to the expansion of services, and artificial intelligence services are already being established in various industries such as financial, medical, legal, public, and private sectors. To achieve service standards that satisfy customer needs, machines need to work smarter in the service environment in which AI is fused with other technologies. So what is required is not only technological growth but development from a service perspective.

Saltlux AI Suite offers the following 10 engines.

Natural Language Understanding Engine

Speech recognition engine

Speech Synthesis engine

TalkBot dialogue Engine

Deep Q/A Engine

Machine translation Engine

Machine reading comprehension Engine

Complex reasoning Engine

Knowledge learning Engine

Image recognition Engine

Insight on product innovation based on the changes in the market

In the development of artificial intelligence, technology is rapidly developing due to market demand. Thus, product development must be aligned with technological development to provide viable services.

Since its establishment, Saltlux has made efforts to secure our unrivaled original artificial intelligence technology, which includes natural language processing, semantics, and inferences. An intelligent system is built by accumulating explicit knowledge and logic through semantics and graph technology. Furthermore, we have accomplished a technical breakthrough in which the system learns statistical patterns on its own using big data-based machine learning and deep learning. In other words, Saltlux’s AI technology is transformed into a commercial Ensemble AI in which the system is made intelligent through an interaction in which knowledge-based reasoning and data-based are integrated.

AI technology needs to be accessible to real-life services. Therefore, the system was trained through many processes, including cognition, understanding, knowledge, reasoning, and prediction with data such as language, voice, and vision. We incorporate the necessary elements into each procedure and improve it to ensure optimum performance. As a result of the convergence of AI technologies, Saltlux’s AI Suite products are maturing into an innovative AI platform that delivers integrated intelligent software solutions and services.


AI Suite is the culmination of Saltlux’s investment for the last 20 years. It is divided into four distinct areas, iSaltlux’s investment over the previous two decades has culminated in AI Suite. It is divided into four distinct areas, language intelligence, speech intelligence, learning/reasoning intelligence, and visual intelligence. A unique technology has been developed for each field. Korea’s first commercially available AI platform, ADAM, has the most extensive knowledge graph in Asia and shows 94% accuracy in daily Q&A using knowledge learning and reasoning, allowing it to answer common sense questions. Each engine may integrate the essential components for each application domain or use the 60 APIs provided in RESTful form by, resulting in AI advancements such as virtual assistants, AI agents, and intelligent robots.

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< AI Suite block diagram >


As shown in the figure below, AI Suite includes several engines in different areas to perform necessary functions, which are set to work as an intelligent knowledge processing platform. It can analyze and understand data such as text, speech, video, etc. A knowledge graph is created to utilize intelligent knowledge processing such as dialogue, question and answer, reading comprehension, and translation. Furthermore, each engine is designed to apply independently and selectively according to the functions required in services, allowing it to be efficiently implemented in various AI services.

< AI Suite block diagram >


AI Suite can be used for AI-based real-time virtual counseling and counseling support services. It is also utilized in industries that require immediate knowledge-based customer services, such as finance, telecommunications/broadcasting, legal/patents, healthcare, shopping/travel, public and private, etc.

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< Scope of the main application of AI Suite >



As indicated in the table below, AI Suite categorizes individual engines for major technologies. It delivers the best performance features and services for each of them. Furthermore, it offers management functions, such as dictionary establishment, data establishment, and model training, to provide the best outcomes through customization based on each application field.



Ensemble AI in which knowledge graph and deep learning are integrated

Deep learning-based intention/meaning understanding that integrates high-precision machine learning-based language cognitive technology and deep learning-based language/intention/knowledge learning. It applies an ensemble deep Q/A technology that combines explicit knowledge expression based on the knowledge base, reasoning, and tacit knowledge learning based on search and deep learning.

Multi-modal cognitive technology based on powerful language understanding

Provide world-class comprehension performance using Saltlux natural language processing, machine learning, and deep learning technologies based on extensive language resources and knowledge graph, a critical resource for semantic analysis.

Continuous quality improvement through autonomous learning and knowledge reinforcement

Provide features that enable humans to create and verify knowledge through a dual-spiral methodology in which machines and humans work together. This allows machines to augment knowledge by collecting and integrating knowledge resources, while also learning new knowledge and making complex inferences.

Ensuring productivity and economics in domain optimization through powerful management tools

Improve quality by building language resources and knowledge data in specific domains, learning or managing models through learning data, and enabling customized service modeling based on client requests and intentions.

Securing expandability through large scale legacy data and system interlocking networks

Provide an environment for interlocking large-scale legacy big data held in the organization, and utilizing data in connection with the company’s internal systems, such as KMS and ERP.


Unlike other solutions that just provide natural language processing and dialogue model-oriented functions, AI Suite continually manufactures products with the following distinctive and competitive functional elements under constant improvement.

High-quality of the products with inherent matchless original technology

For years, Saltlux has been researching unique artificial intelligence/big data technologies such as natural language processing, text mining, machine learning/artificial neural networks, and knowledge graphs. We have had about 110 domestic patents, over 50 registered patents, and many SCI papers.

A full-stack AI engine that provides integrated AI technology

Saltlux’s AI Suite includes all the necessary features for each phase of cognition, understanding, knowledge, reasoning, and prediction. They are designed to understand and process all data types, including text, voice, and vision.

World-class validated product

In the case of financial applications, it has the highest quality globally, with a response rate of more than 90%. Telephone users and in-person users both benefit from artificial intelligence services. As a result, this product is considered the only one in Korea capable of offering a large-scale AI service.

Further strengthened economics in specialized services

You can customize products in various professional service fields such as finance, broadcasting/communication, law/patent, public, etc., based on powerful comprehension of natural language features, management of learning, and language resource in more than 90% of the goods. It offers deep Q/A and dialogue processing, as well as automatically learning and augmenting knowledge from massive legacy data and service history data.

AI technology introduction

AI Suite is a collection of AI-based technologies in the fields that are required in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, such as text, voice, vision, learning, and dialogue. Saltlux has produced its original technologies and applied them to various industries, thereby verifying their performance and efficiency. With the technology and products we have developed so far, we will play a leading role in future-essential markets like autonomous driving and AI virtual assistants. The table below lists the engines that make up the AI ​​Suite and the major technologies that implement them.

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