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AI Suite’s Talkbot dialogue engine is a chatbot platform developed by Saltlux, which is a deep dialogue AI Suite’s Talkbot dialogue engine is a chatbot platform developed by Saltlux. This means that it is a deep dialogue system based on knowledge surpassing the limitations of traditional chatbot systems. Suppose an existing chatbot has a simple natural language processing, rules, and sentence matching dialogue manager. In that case, the Talkbot dialogue engine understands the exact meaning of the user’s speech based on knowledge graphs and complex inference-based natural results. It provides excellent answers, thereby generating a powerful and flexible dialogue model.

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Dialogue services through the Talkbot dialogue engine are processed with the same structure as shown below. Then, the user sends a message to the Talkbot dialogue engine through various channels. Next, the input message is analyzed through the natural language understanding engine. The dialogue manager generates answers through the learned dialogue model and delivers them to the user properly, such as voice, text, and UX.
The Talkbot dialogue engine differs from existing dialogue processing systems as it learns by reflecting knowledge graphs, preferences, user models, etc. Furthermore, it uses deep Q/A to solve complex messages within the dialogue model. When a problem occurs during the dialogue with the service user, the service manager provides a function that allows the administrator to intervene in the dialogue.


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Main Features

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Main features and specifications

The Talkbot dialogue engine is comprised of a dialogue server that is in charge of dialogue service and an API server that is in charge of learning and managing the dialogue model. It provides a dialogue service through various service channels and answers questions that cannot be analyzed or processed in collection with natural language understanding engines and deep Q/A engines. In addition, by connecting external services through plug-ins, you can utilize data or functions required for dialogue processing. The features of the Talkbot dialogue engine can be easily managed through Talkbot Builder, a dialogue management tool.


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Powerful builtin ‘bot builder’

It has been challenging to teach AI a new language, dialogue, and knowledge. Talkbot Dialogue Engine can create Smart Advice Bot with just one click without coding and programming technology. Services can start immediately through multiple channels.


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Main engine screen

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