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Recognition of graph database and a technology paradigm shift

As of 2018, Asia accounts for 18.2% of the global GraphDB market. Although the number is smaller than that of the U.S. and European markets, it shows the most significant increase in the annual rate – up to 28.3%. Thus, IT infrastructure development and the value of small and medium-sized GraphDB companies in Asia appear to be higher than the expected value of companies on other continents.

< Graph database market share and the rate of increase (2018) >

Insight into product innovation according to a change in the market

Based on the market demands of companies, the GraphDB market is gradually expanding in line with the development of technologies. It is expected to grow to $2.4 billion globally by 2023. Therefore, Saltlux has reinforced its response to the market by establishing internal solutions and systematizing customized solutions.

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< Growth of the graph database market and market growth according to technology conversion >


GraphDB Suite embeds the analysis function that automatically converts correlations between data into a knowledge graph structure, then saves and uses such knowledge graph structures to analyze, use and manage various big data. Also, the GraphDB Suite is the best product that enables the generation, management, and intelligent analysis (prediction and reasoning) of the best knowledge graph data. It provides functions such as data integration, risk management, content recommendation, data opening, and large-scale reasoning. It uses add-on packages selectively, according to the particular business environment.

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< Conceptual diagram of GraphDB Suite >

GraphDB Suite provides an environment to establish the multi-data integration service, data prediction and diagnosis service, linked open data service, and large-scale knowledge graph establishment service.

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< Block diagram of GraphDB Suite >

Main functions

GraphDB Suite provides all functions corresponding to the lifecycle of graph data, such as the conversion functions to convert data into graph data, graph data storage, graph data-based Geodata analysis, knowledge network analysis, graph data open functions, and visualization and operation management.

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< Main function by phase >

Main Features

GraphDB Suite selects and applies an optimized solution according to the business environment. The business environment depends significantly on data inflow speed and data volume possessed by a company or an organization. In addition, technological difficulties in the knowledge base establishment also vary according to the service type. The GraphDB Suite is the best solution that creates a new market based on graph data. It finds a customer and raises the customer’s economic value by satisfying the customer’s needs and providing optimized services.


Major Competitive Characteristics

The GraphDB Suite is the first domestic product that combines Knowledge graph-based and AI-based services (customer consultation service, AI speaker, Q&A service, etc.). The GraphDB Suite is a platform that provides all necessary functions for graph data conversion, integration, storing, reasoning/query, analysis, management, and utilization.


Graph DB technology introduction

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