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The production of user-created content, including videos, is greatly increasing along with their distribution structure is getting diversified. It is increasingly difficult to find and consume content. Saltlux‘s user-customized content recommendation and personalization solutions analyze user preferences semantically, then intelligently recommend content suitable for each user.

  • Customer Problems

Though productivity, storage, and management expenses of content are increasing, users’ consumption only made up for part of them. Hidden content has little chance to be exposed and consumed while users’ satisfaction with contents consumption is not high.

  • Introduction Effects

Through per-user-optimized content customization recommendation and personalization services implementation, it increases consumption of content, improves user satisfaction, and increases service sales.

  • Main Functions

Through analysis of semantic preference based on demography and user behavior pattern, it enables intelligent search and personalized recommendation of various media such as video, news, broadcasting, blogs, social contents, and others.

  • Built-in Products


  • Major Customers

Recommendation by KBS, KT Olleh TV, The Genius,, Brie Pie, etc.

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