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Semantic Search Engine Discovery

Saltlux‘s intelligent semantic search engine (Discovery) is an AI-based search engine that understands words and documents using machine learning and deep learning. It provides enhanced search performance and searches results in users’ preferences by learning the data feature through data collecting and applying a machine learning algorithm that conducts Feature Learning. It also includes the built-in Deep Search function that can automatically search for the meaning of the input keyword.


< Intelligent Semantic Search engine concept map >

The storage in Bigdata Suite is used for big data storage (GFS-GLORY-FS), which allows parallel or distributed storage. Large distributed file systems should have the following features: cost-effectiveness, accommodating ever-increasing data, dealing with frequently occurring failures, ease of management, rapid I/O performance, optimal data placement, effective cache usage, and flexible response to load concentration, Security, etc.

Main Features

Its learning feature involves not only large amounts of DB distributed within the enterprise, but also large-capacity big data, such as external social big data, sensor, and log data, and office documents (DOC, PPT, XLS, HWP). It is an intelligent big data semantic-based search engine with maximum search efficiency and exceptional search quality performance.


Main features of big data storage

This is a distributed file system that can build storage space using thousands to tens of thousands of low-cost servers. It can process massive amounts of data with effective failure control and high I/O processing performance. The following are GFS’s major characteristics:


   Main features and specifications

It provides the users with various systems and various search functions by building an efficient connection service through providing search service interface features with development convenience and standardized data processing of the search services.

  • Real-time parallel distributed index and various building environment support (internal features of the engine)
  • Large-capacity parallel distributed search processing feature (internal features of the engine)
  • Intelligent search feature
  • Various language processing features
  • Manager feature
  • Bigdata storage feature

Main engine screen


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